SWOT Hospitality and the University of Piraeus allies for the upgrading of tourism

SWOT | Hospitality Management Company

SWOT Hospitality (SWOT), a leading hotel management company in Greece, has partnered with the University of Piraeus to enhance the tourism sector. This collaboration focuses on enriching the MBA Tourism Management Program within the Department of Business Administration and Management. It reflects a shared commitment to integrating theory and practice in tourism management, aiming to elevate standards and cultivate future industry leaders.

SWOT Hospitality and the University of Piraeus share a common vision of nurturing future leaders in tourism, equipping them with knowledge, skills, and the mindset to promote sustainable development and innovation. Furthermore, the collaboration aims to have a positive impact on local communities while preserving the natural and cultural heritage of tourist destinations.

In an exclusive ceremony held behind closed doors, the memorandum of cooperation between the two esteemed parties was formally signed. Present at this momentous occasion were Professor Michael Sfakianakis, the esteemed Rector of the University of Piraeus, and George Konstantinidis, the visionary Founder of SWOT Hospitality. Accompanying them were distinguished attendees including Professor Panagiotis Artikis, Director of the MBA Tourism Management program, esteemed lecturers of the program, and key members of SWOT Hospitality's management team.

Rector of the University of Piraeus, Professor Michael Sfakianakis, said:

"In a warm atmosphere, we agreed with the Founder of SWOT Hospitality, George Konstantinidis, to launch, as a priority, synergies of common interest, with education, training, research and scientific development of the tourism product as central pillars. These actions are a strategic priority for our university, and we remain confident that this cooperation will lead to mutually beneficial results for both institutions".

In a statement, George Konstantinidis, Founder of SWOT Hospitality said: "With the launch of this new partnership, SWOT Hospitality will have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the shaping of the modern philosophy of hospitality, preparing the protagonists of tomorrow for their entry into the tourism market. We would like to thank the University of Piraeus and the MBA Tourism Management Postgraduate Programme for the opportunity to contribute, through higher education, to the creation and development of the new tourism industry.